Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The kiss on the forehead

The "kiss on the forehead" what does it mean?.

I've read somewhere and that when a guy kissed on the forehead means more on than a kiss on the lips. Analyze this...I got it covered! hahahaha...

From 'How to know if a guy loves you.

94. When he kissing your forehead and say i love you too much. No one can replace you in my heart. I'm gonna miss u every minute.... - Sheera

From a forum
Natalya said...
To those of you who think that a kiss on the forehead means nothing, you are wrong. Don't you realise that not every man is the same? A kiss means something different to every single being on this earth, whether it be on the lips or forehead. Try and figure out the meaning for yourself, what do YOU feel when his lips touch your forehead? A kiss can transfer so many feelings within a split second, just feel whether or not there's something there. Still can't tell what it means? Then just straight up ask the guy what he means when he kisses you there, if he cant give you an answer that you like, then don't waste your time.

Lilith said...
Thank you, Natalya! You took the words right out of my mouth! We should try to avoid over-analyzing these simple, yet meaningful gestures of tenderness. Everyone has their own definition of the 'forehead' kiss, and honestly, if you don't like (or understand) it - just tell the guy, love! Most men aren't exactly intuitive creatures, so they can't read our minds unless they just happen to be a spawn of Dr. Phil. I have been an ardent feminist for three years, and it never occurred to me that this endearing gesture was patronizing in any way. In my opinion, the forehead kiss is a type of kiss liberated from any constraints , which implies that I could give it to anyone I feel affectionately about. Quite contrary to the belief presented here - I believe the forehead kiss isn't at all subordinate to the lip kiss; it conveys warmth, and compassion better than the latter, actually.

Anyone else like being kissed on the forehead? I think it is very loving and personal....it always gives me a reassuring feeling. I do have one rule though, do not kiss me on the forehead unless you are in love with me...what is your point of view on this type kissing? .....- berrysweetncgurl

From answer.yahoo.com!
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
A kiss on the forehead is a sweet, innocent way of saying he cares about you and you matter to him. There is a gallant, protective meaning behind a forehead kiss - but that doesn't necessarily mean it is romantic. However, if it was "at a party" it is likely he has romantic intentions, and is working his courage up slowly. A forehead kiss is a good way to show someone you care without coming on too strong - it is caring and respectful.
Best Regards, Holly

Supernerd: He care deeply about you. That is the plain and simple truth.

Stumped: It means he'll really care for you, because that's a very endearing gesture.........

From kissomatic.com: Kiss on the Forehead
Possibly the only kiss that can convey ultimate gentleness of soul, and pureness of intention, a kiss on the forehead symbolizes love in its purest form, untainted with the pitfalls of romance. A gentle kiss on the forehead can bring serenity to the recipient and the epitome of the kissers caring nature. A father's kiss on his daughter's forehead, or a young man's kiss on his aging mother's, there is nothing that can take away from that gentleness.

It doesn't matter what other people think and what would the definition be. The way I see it or I feel it, kiss on the forehead is very comforting indeed, besides the 'I love you' planted in your head. And I agreed with 'berrysweetncgurl' that 'Do not kiss me on the forehead unless you are in love with me' thingy...huhuhuhu...


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Oketa, Daniels said...

Excellent compilation. A kiss on a forehead is a kiss of dearness to heart at all times and with much respect to the recipient esp a female. many times it means..'i can go a long way with you'